Editorial board

The Annales monégasques’ editorial board assists the director regarding the editorial guidelines and the choice of articles. The board also gathers its members experience and skills in the scholar and scientific research about the history of Monaco and its princes.

Director : Thomas Fouilleron

Editorial board : Olivia Antoni, Jean-Rémy Bézias, Franck Biancheri, Maryse Biancheri, Thomas Blanchy, Claude-Aline Encenas, Yves Giraudon, Régis Lécuyer, Claude Passet, Inès Igier-Passet, Martine Rousseau-Chatelain ; Paule Druilhe-Favre (1908-2001), Georges Favre (1905-1993), R.P. Louis Frolla (1904-1978), Thérèse Ghizzi (1924-2016), Jean-Baptiste Robert (1919-2008), Stéphane Vilarem (1913-1991).